Lourdes is a Living Monument to the Truth of Catholicism

Holy Mary,  Pray for us.Holy Mother of God,Holy Virgin of virgins,Mother of Christ,Mother of divine grace…(Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary)When I was in the process of converting to the Church I was obviously impressed by the modern apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary, but I felt like such obvious proof for Catholicism needed to have convincing explanations, otherwise everyone would be Catholic. Right?

You would be surprised. I read several “skeptical” explanations for what occurred…and there really isn’t an explanation for Lourdes. “Mass hallucination” is the best argument for the occurrence (and anyone trained in logic will just laugh at how weak that argument is.) Skeptics try attacking the medical miracles that occur at Lourdes (the Church has a rigorous process for the miracles they approve) but you will notice they never have an explanation for the spring of water itself. 
I am not even going to go into the medical miracles that have occurred at Lourdes (yes, the doctors hired by the Church take into account that some people naturally get better from even serious diseases, no they do not explain or account for the medical miracles). I am going to talk about the spring of water.

The spring, existing since time immemorial,was only discovered, underneath a muddy rock, by the instructions of Our Lady of Lourdes herself. This immense amount of water, previously unknown, has become a living monument to the truth of Catholicism. Every day, in every part of the world, angels adore Jesus at the consecration of every Mass that occurs. Every day, this spring of water provides us with a second reminder of what is really “important.”

What is “important,” what matters above all, is navigating this life successfully to a happy death. I spent almost all of the some of the best years of my life, my youth, obsessing over what my future  career would be and trying to accumulate possessions and accolades. The peace that comes from having purpose, of knowing what is truly important, is the most valuable thing that I will ever know.

Every time I leave Mass I thank God for bringing me there, for leading me into the Church, for loving me in a way that I do not deserve.Lourdes is a living monument to that love. It happened in 1858, when modernity began infesting the Church and the wider world. It’s purpose was to be a reminder of eternal truths in a time of great upheaval.
St. Bernadette, ora pro nobis.