Slouching Towards The End

They cancelled the Mass.

The first thing that they did, in Northern Italy, when faced with a medical emergency was to cancel the Mass.

It wasn’t the second thing they did. They didn’t cancel schools first, or close malls. It was the first thing that they did. They went after the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, two days before the start of Lent.

Who are “they”? They are the local officials, the mayors, the city Councillors, the governors. Italy is known to have an extremely high concentration of Freemasons in government, and when a crisis arose they followed their evil interior dispositions and attacked the Mass first.
Obviously, even a mayor or governor, does not have the power to cancel the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in the Catholic Church. That requires the acquiescence of Bishops, and of clergy. And acquiesce these cowardly bureaucrats did.

All it took to cancel Mass for the people of Northern Italy, on the eve of Lent, the holiest time of year for the Mystical Body of Christ, was a few phone calls from local officials and our Bishops caved. They caved and took away the Bread of Life from the people of Italy like they were cancelling a sporting event.

Actually, I have to correct myself. Cancelling Mass wasn’t the very first thing that the Italian Bishops did. Last week, when the virus was in its infancy in Italy, the first thing they did was prohibit the reception of the Eucharist on the tongue. They forced Italian Catholics to receive the Eucharist, sacrilegiously, in the hand.

How easy is it going to be for the Antichrist to have Mass cancelled when he begins his attack on the Church proper?

Our Bishops aren’t going to say no. Some Bishops will; a vast, vast minority. The rest will willingly provide obedience and cancel the Holy Sacrifice. They have just shown it this week. They are made of weak stuff. God help us.

The Apocalypse arrives in stages. I would argue that the French Revolution was the beginning of the attack on the Church proper. The war against the monarchies in the 19th century, the remarkable apparitions of the Blessed Virgin between 1810-1929, World War 1-2, Communism, Fascism, Modernism, Ecumenism, Vatican II. They are all big steps to the end. We have witnessed the attack on Christendom, on the Church, on the Mystical Body of Christ. We are witnesses.

And I would respectfully say that we are witnessing another giant step forward. Right here, right now.

The curious events surrounding the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI. The befuddling pontificate of Pope Francis – Peter the Roman. Amoris Laetitia. The Amazonian Synod. The Church in confusion and under attack by spiritual monsters such as homosexualist James Martin – SJ and apostate Bishops. The Church under attack in China, with Catholic martyrs begging God to avenge the blood that the Communist government has spilled. Mass apostasy from the faith around the world.

And now.

Locust swarms (a biblical plague) the size of major cities in Africa that have now spread into China in such a severe way that the Chinese fear there may be no rice left in the country causing a massive famine by the end of the year. 

A virus that is spreading around the world with a mortality rate 12-24x the conventional flu. Shutting down businesses, disrupting supply chains, causing havoc on the world economy with the promise that millions of deaths could be in the offing.

This is chaos.

This is how change happens.

In the 1990’s, during my childhood, I remember seeing these wonderful Nortel Network commercials with the background music The Beatles’ “Come Together.” It heralded all the promises of technology, of the internet, of globalism. We believed back then, as a society, that with Communism having been defeated, with “the business cycle a thing of the past,” with Globalism triumphant that history was over. That what would be in front of us would be material prosperity and peace.

How foolish we were. We are marching to the next series of events that began with the French Revolution. The events accelerate, and slow. It feels like we are in an acceleration now, with the forces that are ravaging the Church, with the love of God that awaits to save us, with our destinies. These are consequential times.