Northern Italy is about to ban the Mass during Lent/Easter. This is spiritual war.

And it came to pass, as he was going to Jerusalem, he passed through the midst of Samaria and Galilee. And as he entered into a certain town, there met him ten men that were lepers, who stood afar off; And lifted up their voice, saying: Jesus, master, have mercy on us. Whom when he saw, he said: Go, shew yourselves to the priests. And it came to pass, as they went, they were made clean. And one of them, when he saw that he was made clean, went back, with a loud voice glorifying God.And he fell on his face before his feet, giving thanks: and this was a Samaritan. And Jesus answering, said, Were not ten made clean? and where are the nine? There is no one found to return and give glory to God, but this stranger. And he said to him: Arise, go thy way; for thy faith hath made thee whole. – St. Luke 17:11-19

Alright, let’s go.

“Italy set to quarantine whole of Lombardy due to Coronavirus”
Italian authorities announced that a new decree containing draconian measures would be approved later on Saturday. It will include the power to impose fines on anyone caught entering or leaving Lombardy, the worst-affected region, until 3 April. People may be allowed in and out for serious reasons. The decree provides for banning all public events, closing cinemas, theatres, gyms, discos and pubs. Religious ceremonies such as funerals and weddings will also be banned.
Rome is also considering prolonging the closure of schools across the country until 3 April, while major sporting events, such as Serie A football games, will be played behind closed doors.

1.) That ban, I guarantee you, will be extended past April 3 through April 12 (Easter). That’s how the devil works and he has power because faithless men have given themselves over to him.

2.) This ban is going to be coming to Rome. Within a week, maybe. And then to Vatican City.

3.) Lombardy is home of the nastiest, most left-wing Catholicism in Italy and maybe Europe. Massimo Faggioli, among many other left-wing theologians that have played prominent roles in the Church since Vatican II, came from that region.

4.) The virus came from China (communism) to Italy via Germany. Think on that for a few minutes.

5.) If it were Ramadan, and not Lent/Easter, do you think there is any chance that this gets proposed/approved? Not a 1% chance.

6.) This is spiritual war on the Church. Lent is the holiest time of year for the Church. It is when the greatest pourings of spiritual blessings get shared with the Mystical Body of Christ. Italy is the home of the Church. This is a direct assault on the Catholic Church.

7.) Atheists are mocking us online, on their websites and social media, for removing Holy Water fonts and the like from our Churches. This is what happens with faithless men lead the Catholic Church. It is a disgrace that these people have such little faith. Holy Water heals, not harms. We put our trust in Christ for that. But for that one must be a believer.

8.) Deprived of Lenten graces, under attack on the homeland of the Church, already shaken by the priestly abuse scandals and general persecution of modern society, the Church is under attack like never before. Our New Year begins on Easter Sunday. Entering it weakened in this manner, by a frontal attack via Satan, means that we are in serious danger going forward. Trust in Christ. Pray for the Mystical Body of Christ. Pray for the Church. 

9.) Catholic laity and priests need to defy this ban. Whether it means the sacraments are administered and Mass said in private homes, or in public Churches illegally, we do not answer to civil governments, we answer to God. Defy this ban. Be Catholic.