Read This Book – And Help Yourself Survive The Storm That’s Engulfing the Catholic Church

Apologia for Tradition: A Defense of Tradition Grounded in the Historical context of the Faith
Book by Roberto de Mattei

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There are two books that I am begging you all to read. They are not long. The first is 121 pages; the second is 109 pages.

Apologia for Tradition is the first. My next post will be about the second.

Please, please, please read this book.

In the age of mass apostasy, Francis and secularism: I am begging you.

The first part is a fantastic run through of Church history that is meant to demonstrate that the Church has gone through *a lot*:

  • ex-popes being condemned as heretics at ecumenical councils
  • popes falling victim to false teachings only to be corrected before death or after death by their successors
  • almost all priests and bishops being completely illiterate, corrupt and faithless for almost two centuries
  • a period in Church history where entire regions had two sets of priests, bishops, cardinals and magisterium’s because the identity of the pope was in dispute. This lasted for *over a 100 years.*

The second part is a nice summary of what constitutes official Church belief. The author demonstrates that the “magisterium,” as we know it, is fairly new and clearly secondary to Tradition in the Church. In essence, unless a doctrine can be found in Sacred Scripture or the Tradition of the Church, a pope or council could not bind the faithful to believing in its veracity.

There is so much more. It’s a short read, as I said (121 pages), but it will give you a great deal of peace of mind in demonstrating that many generations of Catholics have had to live with similar problems, and they persevered, as did the Church. Arm yourself with the knowledge to survive this modernist fire that’s engulfing the Church without losing your faith in the promise Christ made to His Church. Happy reading!