Benedict Granting Wide Use of the Latin Mass in “Summorum Pontificum” Was Clear Mercy From God Considering What Was to Come

This isn’t topical, and not necessarily based on anything in the news today, but I felt like this was important to share.

Sore thumb.

How else to describe Summorum Pontificum?

The apostolic letter released in July 2007 by Benedict XVI, granting wide-use of the Tridentine Latin Mass to all of the faithful, sticks out like a sore thumb from everything else that had been happening (and has since happened in the Church.)

It’s not like Summorum was part of a wide-reaching effort by the Benedict-era Vatican to discard the Second Vatican Council and rediscover tradition: in 2007, like in all previous years, the rise of modernism in the Church proceeded apace. In essence, it came out of nowhere.

I have thought about this, and the more I do, the more I am convinced that it was a direct life-preserver from God to His people in preparation for Francis and all that has come, and all that will come.

What is even more remarkable is that (as of writing this) Francis, despite all of his attacks on tradition and having full power in the institutional Church on earth, has not touched SP in any way. In reaction to his awful statements, decisions and general absurdities, Tradition has actually grown in an unprecedented way over the last seven years.

The grace that compelled Benedict to order SP, and the spiritual goodness that fended off all attacks from sinners to kill it, could only have come from God. It was a pre-emptive act of mercy from the Most Holy Trinity for the Mystical Body of Christ.

It should be seen as a direct effort, bypassing a thicket of evil men who persecute Christ’s bride, to feed the flock during this time of intense tribulation. It should be seen an overt intervention to protect believers in the face of what was to come. The good God provides.