Re-Post From May 5: We are going to be quarantined for Christmas, because Coronavirus is a dagger aimed at the heart of the Church

I got laughed at in May when I wrote that after cancelling Easter, they would make sure to cancel Christmas as well. I’m not a serious Catholic writer, they tell me. I found the link, via the old version of my website courtesy of the web archive website. I meant every word of this then; I mean every word now.

And after that John was delivered up, Jesus came into Galilee, preaching the gospel of the kingdom of God, And saying: The time is accomplished, and the kingdom of God is at hand: repent, and believe the gospel. –
(St. Mark 1:15)

Human history is Church history.
Human history that matters, that really matters, is Church history.
If you believe that the events of this pandemic have been aimed at the Church – like daggers, that the men of the Church cannot see – then this is not over. Shuttering Churches worldwide for Lent, and then Easter, was a coup for the Satanists who comprise the creme of the global power structure.

The people who have miraculously held on to their Catholic Faith – through Vatican II, through the pedophilia scandals, through effeminate clergy, through the financial scandals, through a modern world that treats faithful Catholics like pariahs – had one of their few remaining consolations taken from them: the ability to go to Mass, to pray, to be around other faithful Catholics, to kneel before God Himself, to receive the Sacraments, to sing the praises of God in public, to worship freely.

Satan knows that to truly say he has destroyed the Church he can not even leave a remnant. If the Church is to be destroyed, for Satan to be able to brag to God that he has destroyed His Church, if history is one long chronicle of the battle between God’s Church and Satan’s efforts to destroy it, all of it has to be destroyed with no survivors.

Look at current events through that lens and think about what has happened simultaneously with the shutdown of Church life. Francis has accelerated his plans for an amalgamation of religious practice among every faith group. He has said that people who are not in the Church were justified by Our Lord’s passion.China has been accelerated the destruction of Churches and the public displays of the CrossSocial media giants have censored alternative news sources.Governments are using the crisis to confiscate weaponsCentral banks are printing money by the trillions and literally handing it over to the wealthiest elites in society.The global food supply chain is breaking down. Unemployment is at levels not seen since the Great DepressionPeople are scared, broke, sick, mentally breaking down.

In such an environment, anything is possible. If you had told a random Russian in 1914 that a militant, athetistic, communist government would have absolute power in their country within five years they would have said you were crazy. If you had told a random German in September 1929 that the National Socialist German Workers Party would have absolute power within five years they would have said the same.

These environments create fluidity and in fluidity, massive change can happen quickly. It is possible that a second wave of virus later in the year breaks the fragile grip of sanity that is holding our society together into an orgy of…something. Hatred. Despair. Violence. Worship of a new deity that could save the people from this catastrophe.
If the coronavirus was meant to destroy the life of the Church, the Advent season cannot proceed. There can be no worship of the infant Jesus, no reminder of the Hope that he brought into the world, no celebration or mirth at the love that tells us to “be not afraid.”

A second wave of infections is coming. The virus is useless at spreading to new hosts in the outdoors, but it has shown tremendous resilience in holding on in sufficient numbers through all forms of containment. Our leaders will shut down everything again, but with no prospect of warm weather on the horizon, the quarantine will last all winter. Food supply chains will break. Governments will no longer be able to print trillions to sustain the economy during its hiatus and inflation will arrive.

And Christians will not be able to worship Jesus at their Churches on Christmas. Count on it. This virus is the weapon of the Luciferian elite to wipe the remnant of Christianity from the world and instill their own master as its king. We are in the thick of it now.