Francis Attempts to Destroy the Traditional Latin Mass, Church in Total Eclipse

Random thoughts on Traditionis Custodes and its effects in bullet point format:

  • A nice life lesson to be learnt: if someone is abusive for years he’s not going to stop if you make excuses for his behavior. Abusers keep on abusing until they are stopped.
  • Everyone who spent years excusing his behavior, words, heresies and apostasy under the guise of obedience helped prepare the path for this day.
  • The FSSP and ICKSP are toast.
  • The worship of the Mass is supernatural. It is not a coincidence that the world spiraled into spiritual apostasy during the Second Vatican Council and the propagation of the Novus Ordo. The world is about to get worse. Everything is going to get worse.
  • The propagation of this profoundly evil act on July 16 – the anniversary of the Great Schism of 1054 – is not an accident. The true worship to God by the traditional Catholic faith still remained, in a small way, in the Vatican II Church. That is completely gone now. There is nothing left in Rome but a completely different religion; the document itself says as much. God, in his providence, allows us to see what is happening by forcing profoundly evil men to act in ways that reveal themselves.
  • A lot of people who otherwise would have fallen in love with the Catholic Faith/recognize the truth therein will have missed the moment that, where it not for this document, would have come. Let us pray for everyone in this world. The Church is in eclipse.
  • I flagged this at the time and I believe it to be true a true account of what some faithful priests experienced during exorcisms. Yes, the Devil is a liar, but even the demons confirmed Jesus divinity and sometimes truth can be used to hurt and injure:

“Vatican investigates Catholic group after exorcism claim that Francis is devil’s man:

Mgr João Scognamiglio Clá Dias, the founder and now ex-leader of the Heralds of the Gospel, can be seen in the video saying that the devil had told the Heralds priest that Francis was “my man”. Satan said Francis is “stupid” and does “everything I want”, Clá Dias says.”

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